2014 XM Ballon Fiesta

Local XM balloon community gives a hot warm welcom to global balloonists to take part in the 2014 XM balloon fiesta which is going to be held in Wuyuanwang from Jul 10th to Sep 20th.

Xm balloon fiesta actually is quite new, started since last year at Xiamen city, it is become one of the most important balloon events in local area. We also welcomed pilots from Netherlands, Germany, UK, US, Spain, France, Brazil, India, Thailand and many other countries’s pilots last year. We love and enjoy this event, visitors are also amazed by the breath-taking rift valley scenery surrounding Wuyuanwang as well as the natural beauty of Xiamen City.

To be able to make XM Balloon Fiesta sparkle brighter and also appeal more and more tourists at home and at abroad, Xm balloon community set up 2 balloon team together with 20 balloons as well as 10 Global/XM certificated pilots. Each one of these were landmark in Xiamen Ballooning history.

This year, we are motivated to show a stunning event to the folks in Xiamen by getting by far the most skilled pilots throughout the world. It is going to be a great chance to show your ballooning skills and your special balloons. A complete hospitality package can be provided for all balloon team members. Wuyuangang is a great location in Xiamen which was created by the collision of the Eurasian plus the Philippine tectonic plates using a number of resulting fault lines. The boarding mountain ranges, the Seashore Mt. Range on the west and the Central Mt. Range on the east, structuring the fascinating valleys, jungles, cliffs, rivers, huge agricultural produces and also wide grassland. Every one of these offer you wonderful flight eyeglasses for hot air ballooning.


According to Frank, the man who charge in this event, there are also more sponsors than last year from differnt fields, from hair extensions to shoes, books etc. Not only from local, but also other countries like Australia, Germany etc.


The Bluegrass Balloon Festival originated as a charitable event to benefit the community in both entertainment value and by raising funds for charity. It began as the Adam Matthews Balloon Festival in 1999 and was renamed the Bluegrass Balloon Festival in 2007 after the Spirit of Kentucky Foundation acquired the event. This organization has built upon the charitable nature of the event to create a celebration that showcases the wonderful qualities of our great Kentucky home.


1999: The first Adam Matthews Balloon Festival was launched. On the last weekend in September, 52 hot air balloons gathered at Bowman Field to take place in a historical moment. The festival became a part of Kentucky’s aviation legacy. Bowman Field, the oldest continually operating airport in the United States, gave flight to a new type of air show as the home of the event.

2000: The second year of the Adam Matthews Balloon Festival experienced rapid growth with attendance of 70 balloons from across the United States.

2001: In 2001, due to the tragic events of September 11, flight at the festival was in doubt. Due to the petitioning of the festival, the National Safety Council and the FAA decided to allow the flight of hot air balloons two days prior to the opening of the festival. Approximately 75 balloons attended, making this the largest balloon festival held in Kentucky’s history. Over $20,000 was given in prize money! Pilots came from as far away as Canada and the western United States.

2002: Eighty five balloon pilots participated to compete for $27,500 in prize money. Pilots came from as far as New Zealand, Canada and the Western United States. Over $35,000 was raised for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Louisville Zoo and the WHAS Crusade for Children.

2003: One hundred balloons participated with $40,000 in prizes awarded, six hours of live TV coverage, and over 75,000 people attended the three day event. Portions of the parking fees benefited the WHAS Crusade for Children, along with contributions to the Louisville Zoo and several other local non-profit groups.

2004: The field was limited to 90 Balloons, but expanded children’s activities and the addition of a beer garden made this the largest festival to date. Money from the parking proceeds went to the restoration of the historic Louisville Clock.

2005: The field was limited to 90 balloons, yet over 100 balloons registered for the 2005 festival. There were two spectacular races and two fabulous glows. Attendance was record breaking, exceeding well over 100,000 people during the festival.

2006: 90 balloons kicked off the 8th year of the Festival on Friday morning with a beautiful flight. The weekend was filled with magnificent balloon activities and lots of family fun.

2007: The Spirit of Kentucky Foundation purchased the Adam Matthews Balloon Festival for $1 five weeks before the 2007 event. Volunteers, old and new, came together to deliver a nearly flawless event with over 90 balloons and the largest attendance ever. The Bluegrass Balloon Festival was named a Top 20 event by the Southeast Tourism Society.

2008: 10 years of celebrating aviation with a Kentucky spirit! Pilots from around the country competed for up to $40,000 in cash prizes. The festival expanded to include an art festival(sponsors are everywhere offering artwork for large walls), charity walk, volleyball tournament and breakfast with the balloons. The charitable impact of this event was magnified with profits pledged to area children’s charities including Kosair Children’s Hospital, Down Syndrome of Louisville and others.



spacerBalloon Pilots

Attention pilots! You are the star of our show. Registration, hotel and more information is just a click away! Apply for 2008 event!

Balloon Races

Watch the balloons inflate and the thrill of a mass ascension.The sport of kings lifts off each morning on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Come to Bowman Field to watch the balloons fill and ascend into the sky in one of the largest races in the nation. Imagine the early morning glow accented by the color of balloons from all over North America. Pilots compete in multi-task races and traditional hare race for a rich prize package of $40,000. Times and type of races are shown on the balloon race schedule.

Balloon Glows

On Friday and Saturday evening, before sunset, the balloons will prepare for a spectaular night show. Come early, enjoy food and drink and get ready for a show of enormous proportion and colors! Each glow brings balloons of different shapes and colors. It’s never the same show twice.

Balloon Rides

Set sail in one of the largest races in the nation as one of only 40 very special people to ride in a Festival balloon. Enjoy the sights from the best view available! Don’t hesitate to book a ride as we will sell out.

Balloons at the Bluegrass Balloon Festival

Review a complete list of participating balloons and historical balloon race winners.

Balloon Crew

Join the balloon crew! Volunteering is fun and easy. The Bluegrass Balloon Festival is the #1 balloon event in Kentucky and #5 in the U.S. due to the generosity of over 600 volunteers. We offer community service hours and welcome the help of community groups and schools. One of the most exciting parts of volunteering in our festival is being part of a balloon team. You will experience ballooning first hand. Work with pilots from around the country to crew with the full thrill and excitement of being in a race!

KENTUCKY’S Largest Balloon Event

The Louisville skyline will host a birthday party of gigantic proportions for the 10th anniversary of the Bluegrass Balloon Festival, September 25 – 27, 2009. The celebration includes a 90 foot Meijer birthday cake and Chuggles, the crowd-pleasing Dean’s Milk balloon! Pilots from across the United States and Canada will descend on Louisville for the largest event of its kind in Kentucky. The festival offers something for everyone from the mass ascension in the early morning light to the magical radiance of balloons aglow at night.

Meijer and Dean’s present the Bluegrass Balloon Festival (formerly the Adam Matthews Balloon Festival). The sights and sounds will lift your spirit and deliver fun for the entire family! You won’t want to miss the 70+ balloons, five balloon events, Kids’ Fun Zone, Art Festival, music, food and so much more! The Bluegrass Balloon Festival is held at historic Bowman Field, the country’s oldest continually operating airport.