2014 XM Ballon Fiesta

Local XM balloon community gives a hot warm welcom to global balloonists to take part in the 2014 XM balloon fiesta which is going to be held in Wuyuanwang from Jul 10th to Sep 20th.

Xm balloon fiesta actually is quite new, started since last year at Xiamen city, it is become one of the most important balloon events in local area. We also welcomed pilots from Netherlands, Germany, UK, US, Spain, France, Brazil, India, Thailand and many other countries’s pilots last year. We love and enjoy this event, visitors are also amazed by the breath-taking rift valley scenery surrounding Wuyuanwang as well as the natural beauty of Xiamen City.

To be able to make XM Balloon Fiesta sparkle brighter and also appeal more and more tourists at home and at abroad, Xm balloon community set up 2 balloon team together with 20 balloons as well as 10 Global/XM certificated pilots. Each one of these were landmark in Xiamen Ballooning history.

This year, we are motivated to show a stunning event to the folks in Xiamen by getting by far the most skilled pilots throughout the world. It is going to be a great chance to show your ballooning skills and your special balloons. A complete hospitality package can be provided for all balloon team members. Wuyuangang is a great location in Xiamen which was created by the collision of the Eurasian plus the Philippine tectonic plates using a number of resulting fault lines. The boarding mountain ranges, the Seashore Mt. Range on the west and the Central Mt. Range on the east, structuring the fascinating valleys, jungles, cliffs, rivers, huge agricultural produces and also wide grassland. Every one of these offer you wonderful flight eyeglasses for hot air ballooning.


According to Frank, the man who charge in this event, there are also more sponsors than last year from differnt fields, from hair extensions to shoes, books etc. Not only from local, but also other countries like Australia, Germany etc.

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